October 21, 2016

Fall Accessories

Similar Dress HERE and HERE || Maroon Cardigan || Similar Blanket Scarf HERE and HERE || Similar Booties || Hat || Reversible Tote || Watch

Happy Friday friends!

Blanket scarfs, felt hats, sweaters and booties oh my! I may not like fall weather, but I sure do love fall fashion (hahah, does that even make any sense??)! There are so many more options when it comes to putting outfits together and layering outfits in the fall.

One fall trend that I have been experimenting with this year is hats. After many years of seeing how others style them and on the hunt for the perfect hat I was happy to finally get my hands on one in last months’ PopSugar must have box! The cool thing about this hat is that it’s adjustable so it’s perfect for any head size. I couldn't find the exact one online, but this one is super similar!

Blanket scarfs have been a big hit for fall and if you haven’t gotten your hands on one yet I highly recommend picking one up for fall and winter! It can be tricky to style them at first (it took me forever to figure out how to tie it so it doesn’t look like I’m wearing a literal blanket around my neck…) but once you get the hang of them they’re so many possibilities! You can guarantee there will be plenty of outfits styling blanket scarfs on the blog over the next few months!

What are your favorite fashion pieces for fall? Mine has to be either cozy sweaters or blanket scarfs! I hope you all have a wonderful and as always, thank you for reading! 

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October 19, 2016

Enhancing your best accessory

Happy Wednesday friends! 

A girl's best accessory is her smile, am I right? A smile is one of the first things someone notices on you and can easily make someone's day a little bit brighter. Today I'm going to share with you all how I enhance my best accessory with Smile Brilliant

If you follow me for a while or on my various social media accounts than you know that I've developed a strong love for coffee this past year. With school work pilling up, balancing blogging and a social life as well as everything else throws at you it can be tricky to find enough energy to get through everything in one day! As much as I love a good cup of coffee (or two) it has definitely had an effect on my teeth.

Teeth whitening can be a hassle, but thankfully this at home kit makes it super easy for you to whiten your pearly whites in a breeze!

Teeth Whitening Kit c/o (Use code: pastelnpink for 5% off!)
The teeth whitening kit comes stocked with material for you to create your own custom molds to make your teeth impressions with. To make the molds all you need to do is mix the white catalyst paste with the blue base into they are one. Then you would fit them into the mold and place them in your mouth for them to set. The whole process of making the mold should take about 10 minutes and then you can let them set for about 30 minutes to fully harden.

After you've created the molds you'll ship them off to Smile Brilliant so they can create your custom trays! The kit includes an extra catalyst and base just incase you mess up and have to do another re-do... which thankfully they did because I completely messed up my first impressions the first go around! #nobodysperfect

Smile Brilliant will send you notification via email when they received your impressions and let you know when your trays will be sent out. Your trays will come in the mail in this cute little container and from there you can start the whitening process!

For the whitening process you'll need one syringe of the teeth whitening gel and one syringe of the desensitizing gel. I typically whiten my teeth right before bed because you'll need the desensitizing gel to set on your teeth for 30 minutes and not eat or drink anything in the mean time.

To start off the process I brush my teeth with water and give it a quick floss. Afterwards I wipe my teeth to dry them off just so they trays can stick to them better. I apply a little strip of the teeth whitening gel on the trays and pop them in. I have pretty sensitive teeth so I could only put the trays on for about 10 - 15 minutes the first go around, but as I continued to use the product I was able to put them in longer building my way up to 30 - 45 minutes. 

On the directions it says you can put them in to up to 3 hours if you like. Of course results will be better the longer you put them in, but be sure to make sure you built your way up there if you have sensitive teeth like me.

After I use the teeth whitening gel I'll go through my normal teeth brushing routine and put a thin strip of the desensitizing gel on the trays and pop them in. This helps with not making your teeth super sensitive and sealing everything in. After wards I take the trays out, rinse the tray and head to bed. And that's it! Super easy and total it takes me on average maybe 30 - 40 minutes to whiten my teeth.

Here are the results!

                                     Before                                            After

If you want to know more information on the product, you can read more about it here!
Also, if you're more of a video gal (or guy) you can watch a video all about Smile Brilliant here

Smile Brilliant was kind enough to offer a giveaway for a chance for one of you to win your very own at home teeth whitening kit! One winner will receive $139.95 credit which includes
1 tray creation kit and 6 gel syringes of their choice (3 whitening and 3 desensitizing or 6 whitening)

All you have to do is enter name and email on giveaway link HERE!

Have you use teeth whitening products before? If so which ones? Also, let me know down below if you would try a teeth whitening kit at home! I'd love to know! I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always, thank you for reading!

*This post was in partnership with Smile Brilliant and all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support Pastel N Pink!

Professional Teeth Whitening

October 18, 2016

Pink Talks v. 12

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Happy Tuesday friends!

Apologies for posting today's Pink Talks post so late. If you have following me on Snapchat then you may have saw that this past weekend was a busy one! If you didn't know, last Thursday was RJ's 21st birthday and we had been celebrating all weekend long. 

What I've been doing...

RJ's 21st Birthday! 
Like I said, majority of my week was pretty much planning for RJ's birthday weekend. His actual birthday was on Thursday and we celebrated everyday up until Sunday! Incase you haven't noticed, we love to go big or go home for birthdays... If you followed me on Snapchat (@amy.pnp) then you may have saw most of the festivities! It was such a fun weekend.

The birthday weekend started out with a trip to meet up with his parents for his first legal drink! I had class all day on Thursday so as soon as 6:00pm rolled around I headed straight to my apartment, packed up and we hit the road! We meet up at a bar and had fun catching up, playing games and celebrating! Of course RJ made his first drink a Guinness! 

On Friday we then made the trip back to Charlotte and had his birthday dinner at his favorite pizza place... Mellow Mushroom! The pizza was delicious and the people there are always so fun and happy!

Saturday was RJ's surprise party! Can I first off tell you HOW HARD this was to keep from him? We spend a lot of time with each other and I was so afraid he would take a peak in my agenda or it'll accidentally slip out!

We had invited RJ's friends and family to come join in and celebrate with us! I think he really was surprised, especially that his family made the trip out to Charlotte to celebrate. I spend pretty much everyday with RJ so it was hard trying to find sneaky ways to sneak out and set up the party and get all the supplies ready. I had code words with everything so he wouldn't find out. RJ actually thought we were coming over to my place with his roommates to have taco night and play Monopoly! Haha! The party was so great and we ended up bar hopping afterwards.

I was really bad at taking photos of the decorations before hand and a lot of the photos I don't feel comfortable sharing due to privacy, but here are a couple from the party!

The weekend ended with a Sunday brunch (how else would you end a fun weekend?) with his family. I just want to thank all of RJ's friends and family for helping out to bring his surprise together. It was so fun to celebrate him and I hope he enjoyed his birthday weekend!

What I've been loving...

I recently have started using Rocksbox and I have been loving it! If you're not familiar with Rocksbox, it's a jewelry rental service where you are able to rent 3 designer pieces at a time and send them back for 3 more pieces! You just need to create an account, take a quiz with your jewelry preferences and just wait for for you pieces to be shipped out to you. You can even fill out a wish list of jewels you'll like to receive.

The service is $19 a month, but you can try it out with your first month free with the code: "PASTELNPINKXOXO"!

Wish list
I haven't done much shopping lately outside of RJ's birthday presents, but here are some goodies that I have been eyeing lately! 

That's it for today's Pink Talks! I'm trying to get everything back together and into a routine again. With Fall Break and all the birthday festivities being so close together I feel like I've been all over the place! 

I hope all of you have a wonderful Tuesday and as alway, thank you for reading!

October 17, 2016

Styling Slouchies 2 Ways

Happy Monday friends!

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend!

If you have been reading the blog for a while now then you know when it comes to clothing pieces I like picking up pieces that I can get the most out of. It’s no surprise that I restyle a lot of my pieces on the blog and it’s to show you all that you can style these pieces multiple ways and that you don’t need a large closet to have multiple outfits.

Today I’m sharing how two ways I styled my slouchies from These slouchies are so comfy and they are perfect for the cooler months.

Blue Slouchy c/o || Leggings || Black Vest || Nikes || Monogram Necklace c/o || Watch

The athelisure trend came popular last year and I don’t think it’s planning to go out of style anytime soon. This outfit is great for running errands around town, walking your dog or even going to a casual tailgate!

I paired my cobalt blue slouchy with a black fleece running vest for a little extra warmth and my go to leggings and Nikes. This is an outfit that I’d typically wear heading to class if I decide to not dress up for the day.

Casual chic
Wine Slouchy c/o|| Leggings | Blanket Scarf || Monogram Clutch c/o || Black Flats || Alex and Ani Unicorn Bracelet || Alex and Ani Initial Bracelet || Triangle Earrings c/o

Having pieces in my closet that I can easily dress up or down is essential. Throw your hair up in a topknot, add some pearls, blanket scarf and flats and you’ve transformed your casual comfy slouchy and a cute chic outfit! 

Which way do you like it styled, comfy and casual or causal and chic? Let me know in the comments down below! 

Also, you can purchase these comfy tunics from Mint Julep for 50% off! They’re originally $48 and are now on sale for $24! Be sure to pick yourself up one (or two) for the cooler months. You’ll seriously live in them all season long.. I know I will!

I hope all of you have a wonderful week and be sure to come back Wednesday for a new blog post! 

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*This post was in partnership with Mint Julep Boutique and all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that support Pastel N Pink!

October 14, 2016

Gingham Style

Gingham Shirt || Similar Suede Skirt || Black Flats || Similar Purse || Watch || Similar Pearl Bracelet || Similar Necklace
Happy Friday friends!

If you saw yesterday’s blog post then something about today’s outfit post may see a little familiar. In yesterday’s outfit post we had done a fun post dedicated to RJ for his 21st birthday and he had put together an outfit with a black and white gingham top so we thought it would be fun to do a “he styled vs. she styled” type post for today.

For my outfit I paired my gingham top with my infamous pink suede skirt (I know, you guys are probably so tired of seeing this skirt, but it’s seriously my favorite piece!) and some classic pieces. This would be so cute for a work outfit or an interview!

Who do you think wore the gingham shirt best? Let me know in the comments down below!

Also, we’re celebrating RJ’s birthday this whole weekend! I always love birthdays, or any reason to celebrate because everyday should be a party, right? Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat to keep up with this weekend’s festivities!

I hope all of you have a fun and safe weekend!

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