October 29, 2015

5 Last minute Halloween costumes

Happy Halloween eve eve everyone! Today I am sharing 5 last minute Halloween costumes that you can put together with pieces you can find in your closet! Personally, I don't like to spend a whole lot of money on Halloween costumes and would much rather make them myself. All of these costumes are super easy to put together. I hope you guys enjoy!

1. Football Player
Jersey: Wal-Mart (It's actually a boy's size XL, similar one here) // Leggings: Forever 21 // Socks: Victoria's Secret // Shoes: Nike 

All you really need to be a football player is a jersey, some black leggings and face paint (bonus points if you have a football helmet) and boom! There you go, you're a football player. Next thing you know it you'll be called into be drafted for the NFL. 

2. Mustard
Dress: Forever 21 // Shoes: Target

For Halloween why don't you dress up as the best condiment known to man? This has to be the easiest Halloween costume ever. Really the only thing you need for this costume is a yellow dress and a print out of the mustard logo. For the logo, I just used some double sided tape to stick it onto my dress, but you could even get an oversized yellow t-shirt and glue the logo onto the shirt as well. You can even grab a friend and have them wear a rred dress and be ketchup! 

3. Marathon Runner
Shirt: Target // Shorts: Nike (similar) // Shoes: Nike 

If you are in college than chances are you wear Norts pretty much every day to class, so why not out on Halloween? To be a marathon runner you just a set of workout clothes and print you off a marathon runner's sign (I don't know the correct term for it, sorry!). I just made my sign on Microsoft Word, printed it off and stuck it onto my shirt. Be sure to have a go to victory pose to strike during photos!

4. Blair Waldorf
Top: Forever 21 (similar) // Skirt: Forever 21 (similar) // Knee high socks: Forever 21 (similar) // Flats: Target (similar) // Headband: Forever 21

To be Queen B all you need is a white button down blouse, a black tie (or you can use black ribbon), a black skirt, some black knee-high socks, and a headband. You can take a look at my outfit inspiration here. Be sure to put on your fiercest Blair Waldorf scowl and you'll be ruling the Upper East Side in no time. 

5. Mario
Shirt: Aeropostale (similar) // Skirt: Forever 21 (similar) // Shoes: Target

To be our favorite plumber you need a red shirt, a blue skirt, some suspenders (or blue ribbon), and a mustache. For the yellow buttons, I just got some yellow construction paper and cut them out into circles and taped them onto my skirt. For the mustache, I just simply cut out a mustache, colored it black (would probably work best if you used black paper or black felt) and glued it onto a wooden dowel. You could also switch out the red shirt for a green shirt and be Luigi! 

I hope this gave you some ideas for Halloween this year or some inspiration if you're in a little funk. Be sure to check back on Halloween to see what I'm dressing up as this year! 

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